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Stephen Colbert created an extraordinary character: a right-wing, bloviating pundit who was both outrageous and adorable. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

The Stephen Colbert legacy

If you were following politics over the last few election cycles, you were most likely getting some of your information from satire. In fact, research has shown that in today’s political climate, satire…
Lisa Kudrow is back as Valerie Cherish with a second season of The Comeback. HBO

The Comeback: HBO revisits a camp TV classic

Susan Sontag once wrote that the ultimate camp statement is, “It’s good because it’s awful”. But can camp go too far? To paraphrase a line from the 2001 film Ghost World, can something be so awful that…
Deborah Mailman and Elizabeth Wymarra play the Housewives of Naorromine in Black Comedy. ABC

Black Comedy: the ABC makes a bold foray into race relations

ABC’s new Indigenous sketch show Black Comedy, which premiered last night, is touted as a “show by blackfellas … for everyone”. As a blackfella, I’m not sure I agree that it is for “everyone” but that’s…
Comedian Stephen Colbert at the 2010 Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Reuters

Satire might not sway votes, but that isn’t the point

John Oliver’s new program Last Week Tonight is the most recent addition to the parody news genre. Like its predecessors, the show frequently mocks American politics; for example, an attention-grabbing…
Paul Verhoeven tells tall stories in his debut Melbourne Fringe Show. Photo: Alan Moyle Photobat. Melbourne Fringe

The truth about Tell Me Lies at the Melbourne Fringe

We might assume the stories stand-up comedians tell us are true, or at least contain a grain of truth – something their partner said, their kids did. But of course they’re often personalising their stories…
Heard the one about turning it off and on again? Adam Ethan Crow

Geek laughs: Control Alt Delete at the Melbourne Fringe

Computers. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’d be hard pressed to find a person who has never experienced them in one way or another. They are part of our world, integrated into our lives through our phones and…
The acerbic, rasping performer was one of the hardest-working people in show business. JASON SZENES/EPA

Joan Rivers was many things – which will we remember her as?

Joan Alexandra Molinksy was born in Brooklyn on June 8, 1933, to immigrants from Russia. She attended the Adelphi academy in Brooklyn, and, an excellent student, was Phi Beta Kappa at Barnard College…
The legend Stan Laurel lives on at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. PA/PA Archive

Stan Laurel returns home to Scotland for Fringe festival

Any show exploring the life of early film comedian Stan Laurel could be forgiven for focusing solely on Hollywood glitz and glamour. Across a film career that spanned some 34 years with his partner Oliver…
US actor Robin Williams has been found dead aged 63 in his home in Marin County, California. AAP/ Tracey Nearmy

Robin Williams gave us a lifelong masterclass in comedy

American actor and stand-up comedian Robin Williams has died today, aged 63. Barack Obama posted a statement about his death and noted, in a rather odd turn of phrase, that “he arrived in our lives as…
The cast and crew of transgender comedy The Switch want to see more inclusive representation of transgender people on TV. We Love The Switch

Changing the way we look at trans women on TV

The Canadian production company Trembling Void has just successfully crowdfunded a new television series called The Switch. The project is a comedy tracing the lives of an ensemble of trans characters…
With Python, audience members are primarily laughing for their own memories of laughing. Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

Monty Python’s reunion gives you a funny feeling again? Luxury!

The Monty Python crew have put many caveats on their upcoming reunion shows, which starts in London today and will be simulcast live around the world. Perhaps this quote from John Cleese rings truest of…
The original 20th Century Coyote line-up in 1977: (l-r) Lloyd Peters, Mark Dewison, Ade Edmondson, Mike Redfern, Rik Mayall. Lloyd Peters

Young, gifted and punk: my mad days with Rik Mayall

The untimely death of me old mucker Rik Mayall last week has prompted a plethora of obituaries in the press and on television and radio. However, as someone who “nearly” grew up with Rik at Manchester…
UK comedian and actor Rick Mayall, who died yesterday aged 56. Steve Vas/ Shutterstock

Arsehole of British comedy? Rik Mayall was a funny B'stard

Rik Mayall is putrid – absolutely vile. He thinks nose-picking is funny and farting and all that. He is the arsehole of British comedy. Spike Milligan made this rather pithy statement some time ago (the…
The topic of “women in comedy” is endlessly controversial – as Adrienne Truscott seems to know. MICF

Sex, rape and role models – how women in comedy perform

Two performance artists in this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) – the UK’s Bryony Kimmings and American Adrienne Truscott – have a certain flavour of humour: it’s the knowing, self-deprecating…
We’re primed first to see women as objects of desire and to listen to their voices second. Anne Edmonds, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Funny how? Where women and stand-up meet for laughs

What is it about stand-up comedy that makes it a more difficult space for a funny woman to conquer? A bunch of seasoned female stand-ups return to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) this…

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