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Vision loss causes 11% of the health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Rusty Stewart/Flickr

A vision for preventing blindness in Indigenous communities

The tragedy of vision loss and blindness in Indigenous communities is striking: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults have six times more blindness than non-Indigenous adults and nearly three times…

‘Blind’ cells sense light

Melanopsin pigment in the eye could be more light sensitive than the pigment that allows for night vision, rhodopsin. A two-year…
Dr Penny Allen examines bionic eye prototype recipient Ms Dianne Ashworth. Bionic Vision Australia

Australian researchers closer to true bionic eye

Researchers from Bionic Vision Australia have implanted an early prototype bionic eye, helping a woman with profound vision…
Could your brain be anticipating what’s there before you even turn your eyes? Joe Fakih Gomez Photography

Out of sight, but still in mind: the mysteries of peripheral vision

As you read this article your eyes will move so the words fall on the central part of your vision. This region is called the fovea and it has excellent resolution when compared to your peripheral vision…
You can use all kinds of iPhone apps to track and improve your health. chunghow33

Reviewing the top medical iPhone apps … what’s the diagnosis?

Want to quit smoking, lose weight, manage your diabetes or get a good night’s sleep? No worries. There’s an app for all of that. But it’s not always clear which medical apps are based on solid evidence…
In the developed world, where vitamin A deficiency isn’t an issue, eating carrots won’t help you see more clearly. Nerdcoregirl

Monday’s medical myth: eating carrots will improve your eyesight

Getting enough vitamin A is important for healthy eyes. And carrots are a rich and natural source of this vitamin, which is basically a group of chemicals made up of retinal (the active form of vitamin…

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