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Sailing through troubled waters. Chris Ison/PA

‘Window dressing’ will not restore JPMorgan’s image

Another week, another banking scandal. In the past few years we have seen what appears to be an endless line-up of banks behaving badly. They have engaged in rate manipulation, rogue trading, product mis-selling…
As the ABC’s Four Corners explored, small investors are being caught in an unregulated investment market, often with devastating results. Has the corporate regulator dropped the ball - or is it juggling too many? ABC Four Corners

As casualties pile up, has our investment sector become too big to regulate properly?

Stephen Long’s story last night on the ABC’s Four Corners beautifully illustrated the human cost of financial misconduct, as retirees and widows described the pain of having lost their super funds and…
In the wake of the GFC and the Occupy protests, critics have not shied away from voicing their anger at Wall Street. Flickr\Matthew Knott

Making the case for Wall Street

The first thing that strikes you when you re-read the “Declaration” issued in autumn 2011 by the Occupy protesters assembled in Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan is how little of it actually relates…
Yellow Brick Road and Macquarie Bank plan to offer mortgages against the Big Four banks - but the market will need a lot more information than so far released. Sam Howzit/Flickr

Down the Yellow Brick Road - or up the garden path?

Wealth management company Yellow Brick Road and Macquarie Bank have foreshadowed some sort of relationship which will provide a “much-needed alternative for Australian consumers” with the first step being…