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Lead poisoning

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How many times can lead shot kill? Lamiot

Olympic Committee must ban lead shot in shooting events

Despite the environment being, according to the Olympic Charter, the “third dimension of Olympism”, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has yet to act on the enormous tonnage of lead shot scattered…
In an analysis of seven sites in NSW, the highest crime rates correlated with the highest levels of lead in the air. Flickr/Frank de Kleine

Childhood lead exposure linked to crime in adulthood

Australians who were exposed to high levels of lead as children may be at greater risk of committing violent and impulsive crimes two decades later, our yet-to-be-published research suggests. The origins…
Children can be exposed to lead through through inhaling contaminated soil. Tom Woodward

How exposure to lead impacts human health

What is lead poisoning? It’s exposure to lead in a way that lands the metal into your body. There are two types of lead poisoning – acute and chronic. Acute poisoning will occur with higher exposures…

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