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The first US presidential debate is scheduled for Tuesday morning Australian time. Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

Race to the White House: foreign policy disputes, first presidential debate, and Trump Jnr’s tweet

Race to the White House – Episode Two. The Conversation, CC BY-ND27.6 MB (download)
The second episode of Race to the White House examines the foreign policy differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and previews the first presidential debate.
The high-stakes race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for the White House will impact America, Australia and the rest of the world. EPA

Race to the White House – the state of the US presidential race and populist politicians

Race to the White House – Episode One. The Conversation, CC BY-ND27.7 MB (download)
In the first podcast of the series, Brendon O'Connor and Tom Switzer look at the current state of the US presidential race.
Susan Alberti (left) and Debbie Lee were pivotal to the formation of the national women’s AFL competition. Melbourne Football Club

Change Agents: Susan Alberti and Debbie Lee on establishing a national women’s football league

Change Agents: Establishing a national women’s football league. The Conversation, CC BY-NC-SA45.9 MB (download)
Andrew Dodd talks to Susan Alberti and Debbie Lee about their fight to overcome prejudice and establish a national women's AFL competition.
Are we in the midst of a podcasting revolution? Mikael Nyberg

Video didn’t kill the radio star – she’s hosting a podcast

The mobile-first delivery of podcasts has created a powerful relationship between listeners and host that bypasses traditional broadcast gatekeepers. Could this format trigger new narrative genres and promote social engagement?

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