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To give young players the best chance of success, we need to scale the game down for them. AAP Image/Dan Peled.

Small courts, big futures: how to nurture young tennis aces

Whether you’re a tennis fan or not, it’s impossible not to admire the sublime skills on display at the Australian Open. From Roger Federer’s brilliant backhand to Serena William’s sensational serve, we…
Andy Murray’s coach Ivan Lendl (left) has led the Scot to great success … so what makes a great coach? EPA/Barbara Walton

Keep your eye off the ball: the secrets of elite tennis coaching

Every January the Australian Open attracts the world’s best tennis players to Melbourne in a bid to become champion of the Asia-Pacific Grand Slam. While the players are undoubtedly the main draw card…
If Serena Williams didn’t play tennis, would her sheer athleticism ensure an elite career in another sport? AAP

Fitness play-off: how tennis stars compare with other athletes

Ever wondered how elite tennis players compare to their contemporaries in other sports? Does Rafael Nadal have the same leg power as world 100m sprint champion Usain Bolt? Would Australian Sam Groth’s…
There are many links between training on clay and hard courts success. EPA/Yoan Valat

Training on clay: a recipe for success at the Australian Open?

Every year Melbourne plays host to the first major hard court tennis championship of the year – the Australian Open. The blue court surfaces of Melbourne Park are now a familiar part of the Australian…
Serena Williams unveils her 2012 Australian Open outfit at Melbourne’s Federation Square. AAP/Julian Smith

What will Serena wear next? Sport and fashion at the Australian Open

Serena Williams creates a stir in the crowd. There is a buzz in the stadium as she is expected to emerge from the rooms out to the net. The excitement is not related to her skill, talent or professionalism…

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