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When politics interferes in universities – overtly or discreetly – it makes higher education less autonomous. Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

How political interference keeps hurting Africa’s universities

Africa's universities supposedly became more independent after the early 1990s. But it appears they haven't achieved much more than cosmetic autonomy from political interference.
A statue of colonialist Cecil John Rhodes is removed from the University of Cape Town after student protests. Could real transformation come through changing governance structures? Nic Bothma/EPA

How South African universities are governed is the biggest challenge

How can the higher education sector guard against proposed transformation measures being merely superficial quick fixes? At least part of the answer may lie in institutional governance.
The idea of a universities commission has been floated recently – but is it a good idea? Universities image from

Back to the future: do we need a universities commission?

There’s been a push recently in university circles for a new body to help govern the sector and act as a buffer between the universities and government. Champions of the idea point to the Universities…

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