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A bigger hole in the ozone layer over Northern Hemisphere countries could mean more UV damage to humans, animals and plants. Flickr/cdsessums

Arctic ozone hole grew at record speed in 2011

A hole in the Arctic ozone layer grew at unprecedented levels this year, a new study has found, exposing densely populated…
4,000 scientists and dodgy internet – what can possibly be done? Todor Lolovski/Australian Antarctic Division

Connecting Antarctica – a broadband revolution for the Great White Continent

The information revolution is hurtling towards Antarctica in the shape of a 20 centimetre cube weighing less than 10 kilograms. It can’t come soon enough. Not because Antarctic scientists (numbering more…

Tsunami breaks off icebergs

For the first time scientists have observed the power of a tsunami to break off large icebergs in Antarctica. The tsunami…
The Antarctic Treaty protects the continent from competing interests. AAP

Explainer: Keeping conflict on ice with the Antarctic Treaty

This year marks the 50th year of the Antarctic Treaty, a visionary document that for the first time set out a vision for an entire continent based on peace, science and co-operation. So how does it hold…
Changes to Antarctica don’t just affect those who live there. AAP

Antarctica: harbinger of global change

Changes in the Antarctic go well beyond the immediate region. They affect the whole planet. Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and the feedbacks between the ice, oceans and atmosphere play a crucial role…

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