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Research Team Leader, Marine & Atmospheric Research, CSIRO

Steve Rintoul is the Leader, Aurora Australis marine science voyage.
Dr Rintoul is based at CSIRO's research site in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research was formed on 1 July 2005 by the merging of CSIRO Marine Research and CSIRO Atmospheric Research. Staff are located at sites in five states, with headquarters in Hobart.
Dr Rintoul is a physical oceanographer studying the role of the ocean in the Earth’s climate system, with a particular interest in the Southern Ocean.
Dr Rintoul was awarded the inaugural Georg Wüst Medal by the German Society of Marine Research in 2005.
His current interests include:
- ocean currents and how they affect Earth's climate
- the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
- how ocean currents influence sea ice, biogeochemical cycles, and the distribution of biological productivity.


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