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Anyone teaching encryption without first getting clearance from the government could soon be wearing these. banspy/Flickr

Paranoid defence controls could criminalise teaching encryption

The government’s Defence Trade Controls Act effectively makes teaching encryption a criminal act and considers even a simple calculator as a potential weapon.
Cryptographic algorithms have been in a constant arms race with systems seeking to crack them. Yuri Samoilov/Flickr

Encryption today: how safe is it really?

Encryption has come a long way since the days of Sparta and Rome, but it’s still not 100% secure.
As hard to understand as the movie The Matrix. jurvetson

Quantum tech disappoints, but only because we don’t get it

Over the next five years, the UK government will spend £270m on supporting research in “quantum technology”. When budget announcements were made in 2013, provisions for offshore wind and shale gas extraction…
To conquer Cicada 3301, participants need The Da Vinci Code skill set: the ability to think laterally, a vast general knowledge and a mastery of internet technology. Flickr: David Reeves

Cicada 3301: the mystery keeping cryptologists awake at night

Ciphers, conspiracies, secret societies, the dark web - intrigued yet? Of course you are! As curious animals, there is nothing we love more than a mystery, especially one with a hint of the secret underground…
The big questions in the Snowden saga hinge on who knows what about encryption. Bob Lord

It’s all about cryptography as Rusbridger faces parliament

Despite all the political blustering that has surrounded Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger’s meeting with the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee this week, the real story in the Snowden affair is cryptography…
With more internet users going dark, will tech companies follow them? Owen's/Flickr

US tech companies could go ‘dark’ to regain trust

With each new revelation of the scope of the American National Security Agency’s spying, perceptions of the importance of privacy are hardening around the world. Systematic monitoring of the world’s communications…
Syncing a smartphone with your computer can provide external access to your data. Stephan Geyer

Another NSA entry point – and this time, it’s your smartphone

The US National Security Agency (NSA) leaks just keep coming. Only a few days after details of its software anti-cryptography hacks were exposed by The Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica, German news…
Momentum is gathering behind calls to pardon the father of computer science. BinaryApe

Calls for a posthumous pardon … but who was Alan Turing?

You may have read the British Government is being petitioned to grant a posthumous pardon to one of the world’s greatest mathematicians and most successful codebreakers, Alan Turing. You may also have…

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