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Malcolm Fraser has passed away at the age of 84. AAP/NAA

Malcolm Fraser’s life and legacy: experts respond

In his time in office, Malcolm Fraser oversaw the acceptance of southeast Asian refugees and led economic and social welfare reforms.
Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser, pictured here in July 2014, has passed away. AAP/Joel Carrett

Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser dies, aged 84

Malcolm Fraser has died following “a short illness”, according to a statement.
Kevin Rudd faces the media after losing the prime ministership in the 2010 party leadership spill. AAP/Alan Porritt

Why would anyone want to be PM? Understanding what it takes

Why would anyone want to be prime minister? Why indeed? It is a job that will almost certainly end in failure. Only one prime minister in the last 100 years has left office at the time of his own choosing…
Malcolm Fraser’s new book, Dangerous Allies, is one of the most original and timely contributions to Australia’s foreign policy debate, which tends to be sterile and predictable. AAP/Luis Enrique Ascui

Book review: Dangerous Allies by Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser occupies a rather unique place in Australia as someone who has, at different times, managed to incense both ends of the political spectrum. If nothing else this is indicative of someone…
By releasing the previous government’s cabinet proceedings for examination, Tony Abbott has exposed his cabinet to the risk that their successors will do the same to them. AAP/Alan Porritt

Releasing cabinet papers sets up paybacks that hurt our democracy

A long-standing principle in Australian politics, one derived from Westminster and British experience over hundreds of years, is that incoming governments do not use the confidential discussions of cabinet…
Will the US attack Syria in the face growing international condemnation and opposition? EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

Malcolm Fraser: Syria attack ‘illegal’

Former Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser has attacked American plans to launch attacks on the Assad regime in Syria, describing them as illegal and reminiscent of the disastrous invasion of Iraq…
Detention on Nauru is not the answer – and neither is the Malaysian solution. AAP/Rural Australians for Refugees

Fraser: increase refugee intake, process in Indonesia and Malaysia

Recent debates on asylum seeker problems have revolved around two approaches that are not going to work. The opposition’s Nauru solution is not going to get people off boats. It is part of the process…
Old foes Gough Whitlam (left) and Malcolm Fraser (right) unite over modern issues. AAP/Bruce Postle

Malcolm Fraser: 2012 Gough Whitlam Oration

Politics, Independence and the National Interest: the legacy of power and how to achieve a peaceful Western Pacific I am honoured to be asked to make this speech. During the turbulent years of the 1970s…
Defence Minister Stephen Smith launches the report into complaints about a culture of bullying and harassment in the ADF. AAP/Department of Defence/Lauren Black

Malcolm Fraser: Stephen Smith is right on ADFA

Defence Minister Stephen Smith last week released a statement regarding a series of reports of abuse and bullying, some of it sexual, in the Australian Defence Forces (ADF). Of particular media and public…
Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is ‘uneasy’ about Liberal leader Tony Abbott because he is unpredictable. AAP

Malcolm Fraser: ‘we have lost our way’

Welcome to our “In Conversation” between former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and Melbourne University political scientist Professor Robyn Eckersley. First elected to Federal parliament in 1955, Fraser…

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