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Overdue for reform: UN Security Council. EPA/Jason Szenes

UN Security Council veto is killing people

The conflicts in Ukraine, Gaza and Syria are symptomatic of deeper problems in the international system. If the Security Council were to fulfil its role under the UN Charter, tackling many of these tragic…
Isolated by sanctions - but does Putin care? EPA/Mikhail Klimentyev/Ria Novosti

Explainer: how will sanctions against Russia work?

The sanctions against Russia just announced by the EU and the US are widely reported to be the harshest since the end of the Cold War. The package includes cutting off Russia’s state-owned banks from international…
Tony Abbott has announced his priorities for the G20 in Brisbane next year. AAP

Delivering growth but protecting economies: our G20 conundrum

With Russia handing the G20 host baton to Australia this month, and combined with our UN Security Council seat, the biggest year of Australian diplomacy begins. Prime Minister Tony Abbott had a backdrop…
Negotiations: Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry hammering out a deal on Syria. US Department of State

Progress on Syrian WMDs but real test for UN lies ahead

The Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has announced it is sending a second team of weapons inspectors to Syria where, director-general Ahmet Üzümcü reports, destruction of al-Assad’s…
Should new prime minister Tony Abbott make his first impression on a world stage with a trip to the UN for Leaders’ Week? AAP/Andrew Gombert

New York is Jakarta: why Tony Abbott should attend Leaders’ Week at the UN

Foreign minister Julie Bishop’s austerity announcements over the weekend make it clear that she will attend Leaders’ Week at the United Nations later this month. But it is still not clear whether Australia’s…
Whoever wins the federal election on Saturday will also be able to serve as president of the UN Security Council during Australia’s month-long stint. EPA/Peter Foley

This Saturday, Australians will finally elect a president

Australia is now President of the United Nations Security Council. Throughout September, Australia will set the council’s agenda and chair its meetings. But what will this Saturday’s federal election result…
Raising the issue of protecting women in conflict zones such as Syria should be high on Australia’s agenda when it assumes presidency of the Security Council. EPA/Lucie Parsaghian

Women, peace and security: the theme of Australia’s Security Council presidency

A priority mentioned in Australian speeches and statements to the United Nations this year - Women, Peace and Security (WPS) - is likely to feature as the key “theme” of Australia’s presidency of the Security…
The UN Security Council’s sanctions regime processes are in need of reform. Can Australia make any effective changes during its presidency of the Security Council? EPA/Justin Lane

Security Council sanctions: can Australia make a difference?

For the United Nations Security Council, sanctions are an important instrument in addressing threats to international peace and security. They usually take the form of controls and bans on travel, trade…
Australia holds the Presidency of the UN Security Council throughout September. The Syrian crisis is sure to provide an immense challenge during this tenure. EPA/STR

Will Australia make the most of its Security Council presidency?

As the federal election calls Australian attention to matters domestic, our diplomats are preparing for one of their most demanding briefs. On September 1, Australia becomes President of the United Nations…
Australia should use its new power on the UN Security Council to make sure women are high on the UN agenda. UNIFEM

On the ‘big table’ of the Security Council, Australia must champion the cause of women

Australia has always taken a lead role in international security debates at the United Nations. In Canberra, representatives from civil society organisations will meet with the government to discuss Australia’s…
Australia is well-placed on the world stage to make a real difference to the lives of Afghanistan’s women. Jalil Rezayee/EPA

As Australia takes the world stage, it’s time to fulfil promises to Afghan and Syrian women

Today, the world marks International Women’s Day, recognising the equal rights and status of women. This year, Australia is significantly placed on the world stage to make a real difference to women’s…
We were delighted to be elected to the security council, now we must make the most of our tenure. AAP/Andrew Gombert

Australia must take a human rights focus at the security council

Now that Australia has taken its seat on the UN Security Council, it is worth considering how we might make a difference. Former diplomat Bruce Haig has recently dismissed Australia’s new role as chair…

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