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Billy Brownless (left) revealed on The Footy Show that his ex-wife Nikki (second from left) had an affair with Garry Lyon (also pictured). David Crosling/AAP

Celebrities and politicians tell us their deepest, darkest secrets. Why?

Public figures sharing private information is the norm nowadays. Our thirst for information, combined with the wonders of the internet and lax approaches to privacy, is creating a perfect storm. News outlets…
Marital resemblance is the degree to which we marry people who resemble us in some characteristic or another. olga_murillo/Flickr

When it comes to mental health, like attracts like

A study published in JAMA Psychiatry this week sheds light on the influence of psychiatric disorders on relationships and mating.
Rene Passet/Flickr

Injecting regulations into cosmetic medicine

Cosmetic procedures quite often receive bad press; they’re seen as unbridled vanity and something to be frowned upon (if you can still frown, that is). But the industry drivers are far more complex than…
Master OSM 2011/flickr

Facebook – friend or foe?

It’s hard to remember life without social media. I saw my first computer in high school – it was the size of a fridge and didn’t have a keyboard. We had to use cards to enter data. We excitedly programmed…
We need to contain the fear and address the anger. AAP Image/Adam Masters

Enlisting psychology in the fight against terrorism

We are in the midst of a wave of soul searching trying to understand the Lindt Café siege in Sydney. In a sense we’ve been collectively holding our breaths for years wondering if Australia would ever fall…
Street Life. (M)/Flickr

KPIs for your life

Anyone who’s worked in a big organisation will know about KPIs – key performance indicators. Numbers to measure how the organisation is functioning. We have dozens in hospitals – time from arrival to discharge…
We’re often hopeless at being emotionally self-aware. Sarah Fagg/Flickr

How well do you know your own feelings?

A patient screamed, “I’m not angry.” Another on finding out about their partners infidelity claimed “I’m not jealous, just disappointed.” And they believed it, at least in the heat of the moment. But were…