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Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election defied almost all predictions. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

How did we get the result of the US election so wrong?

Swinburne political scientist Bryan Cranton looks at why so many experts got the US Election so wrong
Donald Trump tours a water plant in Flint, Michigan, in September. Reuters/ Mike Segar

Neither Clinton nor Trump will fix what ails America

The sad truth is that neither Trump’s racist populism, or Clinton’s maintenance of the status quo, will do much to help the real and biting difficulties many Americans are facing.
Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

Race, gender and the future of the Republican Party

Despite popular opinion and the rhetoric of equality, the American electorate is highly divided along lines of race and gender. This makes it relatively easy to make accurate election predictions. Examining…

Trump claims the election is rigged – is it?

Donald Trump has repeatedly said the presidential election is rigged, and the only way he will lose will be if it is stolen from him. Trump is not known for his measured temperament, nor for rational thinking…
Reuters/Mike Segar

The great policy void

The past week has been particularly shocking for those taking an interest in the US presidential race. This is remarkable given how shocking the race has already been. The fallout from the leaked Access…