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Paperback and hardback editions of The Book of Days, an illustrated anthology edited, designed and produced in three weeks. Zoë Sadokierski

The Book of Days: creating an anthology live at the Sydney Writers’ Festival

As well as a souvenir of the 2015 Sydney Writers’ Festival this anthology is a compelling argument for the future of books in print. Book objects are talismans as much as vessels for the content they carry.

How publishing works: a book designer’s perspective

Authors don’t write books, they write manuscripts. Publishing is the process of getting an author’s manuscript into the hands of a reader, by materialising it – giving it form, as a book. This may be printed…

Designers on collaboration: Evi O

In the fourth of my series of interviews with designers on collaboration, Evi O discusses balancing her in-house book design work at Lantern, an imprint of Penguin Books with various side project. Evi…

Designers on collaboration: Josh Santospirito

In the third of my series of interviews with designers and illustrators on collaboration, Hobart-based comic maker and publishing entrepreneur Josh Santospirito discusses self-publishing as a way to grow…

Designers on collaboration: Guy Shield

In the second of my series of interviews with designers discussing how they collaborate with writers/publishers, Melbourne based illustrator Guy Shield shares the creative process behind his scenic storytelling…