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Le Président Macky Sall salue ses partisans après avoir été investi comme candidat à l'élection présidentielle de 2012. Seyllou/AFP via Getty Images

Le Sénégal a réussi un nouveau scrutin pacifique: les résultats augurent, cette fois, d'un grand bouleversement politique

Le Sénégal entre en territoire inconnu car, pour la première dans son histoire contemporaine, aucune coalition n'a obtenu la majorité absolue au Parlement.
G7 leaders convene at Schloss Elmau, Germany. EFE-EPA/Thomas Lohnes

How Africans can assess the value of the latest G7 summit

The G7 summit offered the most recent insights for Africa into how western nations are considering their stakes in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the impact that could have on developing nations.
Violent protests in Dakar, Senegal, after opposition leader Ousmane Sonko is arrested on a rape charge. Photo by SEYLLOU/AFP via Getty Images

Why few women in Senegal speak out about their rapists

The Senegalese culture of discretion, called “sutura”, inhibits survivors of sexual violence from publicly denouncing perpetrators.
Survivors of a stampede at Demba Diop stadium, Senegal. Eight people were killed when a wall collapsed after fighting started between fans. EPA

The Demba Diop stadium football crush: Is this Senegal’s Hillsborough?

As Senegal mourns the victims of the Demba Diop football stadium crush and searches for answers, it is to be hoped that lessons are learned, and consequences are swift.

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