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Warlpiri Dictionary contributors. Photo: Jeff Bruer, PAW Media, for Aboriginal Studies Press/AIATSIS

Six decades, 210 Warlpiri speakers and 11,000 words: how a groundbreaking First Nations dictionary was made

The Warlpiri Dictionary has been 60 years in the making – and it’s shortlisted for the 2023 Australian Book Industry Awards, a rarity for a dictionary.
‘Les Demoiselles d'Avignon’, by Pablo Picasso, 1907. MoMA / Wikimedia Commons

How even the young Pablo Picasso was already foreshadowing cubism

In various sketches and pencil sketches that Picasso made during his formative years, the most important plastic, perceptive, communicative and expressive revolution of the 20th century was being foreshadowed with absolute clarity: Cubism.
Pam Longobardi amid a giant heap of fishing gear that she and volunteers from the Hawaii Wildlife Fund collected in 2008. David Rothstein

My art uses plastic recovered from beaches around the world to understand how our consumer society is transforming the ocean

Pam Longobardi collects and documents ocean plastic waste and transforms it into public art and photography. Her work makes statements about consumption, globalism and conservation.
Does the moment of imagination carry more value than the work of making something real? DeAgostini/Getty Images

ChatGPT, DALL-E 2 and the collapse of the creative process

The technology’s focus on the framing of the artistic task amounts to the fetishization of the creative moment – and devalues the journey that waters the seed of an idea to its fruition.

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