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Help us carry on making quality journalism

CEO Lisa Watts (left), Editor Misha Ketchell (middle), and Science + Technology Editor Signe Dean (right) at The Conversation’s Melbourne Connect office.

Yesterday we launched our annual donations drive and asked you to donate whatever you can afford to help keep us going. Every year that we’ve done this we’ve been humbled by your generosity and kind messages, and today we’re asking you to please help us again in 2023.

We firmly believe that for democracy to function everyone needs equal access to quality information. That’s why we work with academic experts to inject facts into public debate and share new research. It’s also why we give away our journalism for free for readers and republishers.


The capacity to pay should never exclude people from accessing the information they need for better decisions. So we don’t charge. Instead we rely on the kindness of civic-minded people like you to help fund our not-for-profit newsroom.

In the past year we have published 4,300 experts on topics ranging from housing to the historic vote on the Voice to Parliament to lives of scientists researching the climate emergency to the Universities Accord. Next year, with your help, we’d like to produce more quality journalism and reach even more people who can benefit from access to the facts, particularly young people on social media.

Every dollar counts, so if you value The Conversation as a free source of trusted news, please make a tax deductible donation today.

At a time when so many in the media are stoking anger, distrust and dissent, constructive media that aims to solve problems is vital. Please help us make quality journalism and make it available for everyone who needs it.

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