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In small-group, subsistence living, it makes sense for everyone to do lots of jobs. gorodenkoff/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Forget ‘Man the Hunter’ – physiological and archaeological evidence rewrites assumptions about a gendered division of labor in prehistoric times

Female bodies have an advantage in endurance ability that means Paleolithic women likely hunted game, not just gathered plants. The story is written in living and ancient human bodies.

Farmers or foragers? Pre-colonial Aboriginal food production was hardly that simple

For a decade, debate has raged over Dark Emu’s account of Aboriginal agriculture. But ancient food production in Australia is more complex than labels like farming or hunter-gathering suggest.
The Copper Age settlement of Pietrele, close to the river Danube in today’s Romania. © Konstantin Scheele, German Archaeological Institute, Eurasia Department; published in Penske et al. 2023

Ancient DNA reveals the earliest evidence of the last massive human migration to Western Europe

Ancient DNA from Ukraine uncovers the earliest evidence of the arrival of the ‘steppe ancestry’ – the last piece of the modern Western European genetic puzzle.
The Roman bathhouse at Birdoswald will be reburied to preserve it for the future. HE Archaeological Projects Team and University of Newcastle

Why archaeologists usually rebury their excavations

It might seem odd to rebury what’s been dug up but it’s to make sure what’s found is preserved for future research.

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