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Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

The most challenging phase of the Omicron outbreak is yet to come, but New Zealand may be better prepared than other countries

New Zealand has managed to stamp out onward transmission of the Delta variant, which means it’s not dealing with a “double epidemic” and has a better chance to tackle Omicron’s spread.
Phil Walter/Getty Images

As Aucklanders anticipate holiday trips, Māori leaders ask people to stay away from regions with lower vaccination rates

Vaccination and testing requirements will limit the number of infected people leaving Auckland, but cases are likely to spread across the country as people travel in the lead-up to the holiday season.
Hannah Peters/Getty Images

New Zealanders are super-connected. When restrictions lift in Auckland, it won’t take much to amplify Delta’s spread

A model of a “virtual” Aotearoa shows even a few new connections will lead to a complex web of transmission which could fuel the spread of the Delta outbreak.

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