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Australian Institute of Family Studies

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (the Institute) is an Australian Government statutory agency within the portfolio of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. From November 2007 to December 2011 the Institute was in the portfolio of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

It was established in February 1980 under the Australian Family Law Act 1975.

The Director of the Institute is a statutory appointment. Anne Hollonds commenced as Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies in September 2015.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies is committed to creating and communicating knowledge to accelerate positive outcomes for families and society.


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The good, the bad and the lonely: how coronavirus changed Australian family life

A new study reveals Australians felt both more connected to immediate family and more distant from others because of restrictions. The financial cost for many families has also been high.
Girls reported less resilience in our study than boys. Caitlin Venerussi/Unsplash

Teens with at least one close friend can better cope with stress than those without

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stressful life events. Teenagers with at least one close friend and strong family relationships are more resilient than teens without such relationships.
Humanitarian migrants entering Australia encounter particular challenges in finding employment, but their prospects improve over time. AAP

Three charts on: job prospects for refugees in Australia

The longer humanitarian migrants stay in Australia, the more likely it is that they will get a job.
Teens most at risk of self-harm are those who are same-sex attracted or bisexual, or those with depression, anxiety or general feelings of unhappiness. Shutterstock

Australian teens doing well, but some still at high risk of suicide and self-harm

A snapshot of Australian teens shows most doing well, but as a group they are still plagued by suicide risk, self-harm and mental health problems.
One step forward, two steps back. Daniel Munoz/Reuters

Why single women are more likely to retire poor

Despite more women joining the workforce, women are retiring with significantly less super than men, and single women do even worse.
Debates over family and marriage would be improved if researchers relaxed the search for scientific truth. paloetic

Research won’t settle debates about marriage and family life

How would you react if you opened tomorrow’s newspaper and were met with the headline, “Children of sole parents more likely to be abused”? If you’re socially conservative, you may feel affirmed in your…
Men struggling with the traumatic legacy of child sexual abuse usually suffer in silence. Jevuska/Flickr

Time to talk about male survivors of sexual abuse

Make a list of ten men in your life — perhaps your father, your partner, your friends, and some of your colleagues. It’s likely that at least one man on your list is struggling with the traumatic legacy…


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