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The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is dedicated to reducing ill health and mortality caused by the effects of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. With a focus on diagnosis, prevention and treatment, Baker’s work also extends to wide-scale community studies. Baker IDI and its researchers interact with and obtain funding from a variety of external partners, including government, private donors and industry partners.


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Psammomys obesus or the Israeli sand rat provides an insight into how the thrifty gene hypothesis may work. Tino Strauss

Explainer: Diabetes and obesity – the biggest epidemic in human history

In the last few decades, the number of people with diabetes has more than doubled globally, making the combination of type 2 diabetes and obesity (known as diabesity) the largest epidemic the world has…
There’s no evidence to prove it works, but does that matter? Flickr/Akane86

Monday’s medical myth: chicken soup cures the common cold

Of all the homemade winter cure-alls, chicken soup is the best known and most loved. In fact the term “chicken soup” has become idiomatic for all things restorative; benefiting every possible problem from…
It’s more likely to be the accompanying potatoes or your natural post-lunch dip. tuchodi/flickr

Monday’s medical myth: eating turkey makes you sleepy

It has been long-rumoured that gobbling up turkey meat has a mysterious soporific effect, rendering its consumers progressively drowsier. Sounds like a good story, and certainly one that’s worth checking…
Some people benefit from salt restriction while others don’t.

Four seasons in one day: getting the right dose of salt

Ah, salt. We love its taste and yearn to use it liberally in our cooking. But we’re told to limit our salt consumption for the sake of our health. Much like a low cholesterol product, the low salt option…
Flavonoids in chocolate have a positive effect on mood and wellbeing.

Chocolate: tasty, addictive, sexy … and good for you

There is nothing like chocolate. When it comes to the hedonistic appeal of chocolate, the taste, texture, aroma and packaging are hard to beat. Australians eat an average of five to six kilograms of chocolate…
Ten minutes of sunlight each day can be enough to boost vitamin D stores. AAP

Putting some D in your day

Vitamin D is all the rage at the moment. Everyone is measuring it and no one, it seems, is getting enough of it. Of course, Vitamin D is not really a vitamin because dietary intake is usually not required…


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