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Bishop's University

Bishop’s University, located in Sherbrooke, Quebec provides a sound and liberal education to its students who come from all corners of the world. With approximately 120 full-time professors, the University offers degrees in the Social and Natural Sciences, Humanities, Business and Education to 2500 full-time undergraduate students. Bishop’s also offers MSc degrees in Physics and Computer Science, a Master of Arts in Education and graduate certificates in Business Management, Climate and Environmental Change, and Brewing Science. Bishop’s provides a learning environment where classes are intimate and students receive personalized attention from their professors. Research is a fundamental part of Bishop University’s institutional mandate and Bishop’s student and faculty researchers contribute to the generation of new knowledge, to mobilizing this knowledge to relevant community partners and users of the research and, in doing so, contribute to innovation and economic development of the Eastern Townships region, the province and the country.

L'Université Bishop’s, située à Sherbrooke, au Québec, offre une éducation ouverte et libérale à ses étudiants qui proviennent des quatre coins du monde. Comptant quelque 120 professeurs à temps complet, l'Université offre des diplômes en sciences sociales et naturelles, en sciences humaines, en gestion et en éducation à plus de 2 500 étudiants de premier cycle à temps complet.

Bishop’s offre également des diplômes de maîtrise ès sciences en physique et en informatique, une maîtrise ès arts en éducation et des certificats d'études supérieures en gestion des affaires, en changements climatiques et environnementaux et en sciences brassicoles.

Bishop’s offre un environnement d'apprentissage intime. Les étudiants reçoivent une attention personnalisée de leurs professeurs. La recherche est un élément fondamental du mandat institutionnel de l'Université Bishop. Les étudiants et les chercheurs du corps professoral contribuent à la découverte de nouvelles connaissances, à leur diffusion auprès des partenaires communautaires et des utilisateurs et, ce faisant, à l'innovation et au développement économique des Cantons-de-l'Est, de la province et du pays.


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Le nombre de membres des Forces canadiennes de maintien de la paix déployées dans le monde entier est à son niveau le plus bas. LA PRESSE CANADIENNE/Lars Hagberg

Le Canada, un mauvais joueur sur la scène internationale

Le Canada se décrit comme un pays gardien de la paix, généreux donateur, voix indépendante et responsable sur la scène mondiale. Le problème : vu de l’extérieur, cette perception est fausse.
The number of Canadian peacekeeping forces deployed around the world is at an all-time low. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Lars Hagberg

UN Security Council: Actually, the world doesn’t need more Canada

Canada sees itself as a peacekeeper and an independent voice in global affairs. The recent vote for a seat on the UN Security Council shows the world doesn’t agree with that image.
Young people stand on the steps of the Alberta legislature during the climate strike in Edmonton in 2019. Youth are often seen as problems rather than as people who are creating solutions. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Amber Bracken

What we don’t understand about young people’s motivations

Young people are often seen as lacking but research shows they’re motivated by their concern for future generations.
Históricamente, el cuerpo y el movimiento han sido ampliamente ignorados en la psicoterapia. Pero los tiempos están cambiando y las terapias somáticas y de danza están ganando credibilidad científica. Shutterstock

De la depresión al párkinson: el poder sanador de la danza

La terapia con danza es eficaz para tratar la depresión, mejorar la memoria y la neuroplasticidad en los adultos mayores, y para mejorar la función ejecutiva en los pacientes con la enfermedad de Parkinson.
‘Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club,’ is an extraordinary debut novel set on Valentine’s Day in St. John’s during a blizzard. (House of Anansi Press)

Megan Gail Coles’s novel teaches us that love means we #BelieveWomen

The novel is timely in light of the fact that, increasingly, readers are invited to consider what responsibilities they need to assume in the face of women’s disclosures about their life stories.
Historiquement, le corps et le mouvement ont été largement négligés dans la psychothérapie. Mais les temps changent, car un mouvement croissant de thérapies somatiques et de danse gagne en crédibilité scientifique. Shutterstock

De la dépression à la maladie de Parkinson : le pouvoir curatif de la danse

La thérapie par la danse est efficace pour traiter la dépression, améliorer la mémoire chez les personnes âgées et la fonction exécutive chez les personnes atteintes de la maladie de Parkinson.
Historically, the body and movement have been widely disregarded within psychotherapy. But times are changing, as a growing movement of somatic and dance therapies are gaining scientific credibility. (Shutterstock)

From depression to Parkinson’s disease: The healing power of dance

Dance therapy is effective in treating depression, improving memory and neuroplasticity in older adults and improving executive function in those with Parkinson’s disease.
Canadian Forces troops assist a U.S. Navy helicopter unload its cargo of aid at the airport in Jacmel, Haiti in January 2010. Canada uses the rhetoric of a global foreign aid leader, but in fact, it’s a laggard. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Neither hero nor villain: Canada stuck in the middle of the pack on international aid

Compared to the size of our economy, Canadian aid has been slipping since the 1980s, and we now lag behind most other donors. Our rhetoric is unmatched by action.
Si vous êtes piqué par une tique, vous devez savoir rapidement de quelle espèce il s'agit. Un site web a été créé pour aider les citoyens du Québec, de l'Ontario et du NB à faire cette identification. Shutterstock

Une tique vous pique? Pas de panique. Cet outil en ligne pourrait vous éviter bien des soucis…

Si vous êtes piqué par une tique, vous devez savoir rapidement de quelle espèce il s'agit. Un site web a été créé pour aider les citoyens du Québec, de l'Ontario et du NB à faire cette identification.
If you are bitten by a tick that is infected with Lyme disease, a single dose of antibiotics can prevent an infection from developing, if administered within 72 hours of tick removal. (Shutterstock)

Eek – a tick! What now? This online tool will help

If you are bitten by a tick, you need to find out what species it was, fast. A research team has developed a website to help people in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick do just that.
Un monument à la mémoire des victimes de la guerre du Timor-Leste. Le Canada a beaucoup à apprendre de deux Commissions de vérité et réconciliation (CVR) qui se sont tenues en Asie, et non seulement des leçons à enseigner aux autres. Auteur David Webster

Vérité et Réconciliation en Asie du Sud-Est: quelles leçons pour le Canada ?

Le Canada a beaucoup à apprendre de deux Commission de vérité et réconciliation (CVR) qui se sont tenues en Asie, et non seulement des leçons à enseigner aux autres.
Meng Wanzhou, CFO of the Chinese tech giant Huawei, is shown arriving at a parole office in Vancouver on Dec. 12. Her arrest at the request of the U.S. officials has strained Canada-Chinese relations. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Role reversal: China cites human rights in spat with Canada

China is influential, but would not have succeeded in changing the UN human rights system without quiet consent from countries who wished to trade with it, including Canada.
In this Oct. 31, 2018 photo, students dance atop a bus to music during a Vote for Our Lives rally at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Why we should pay attention to the power of youth

Young people have the right, the skills and the numbers to make a difference in politics and society in North America and beyond. Their voices, energy and vision contribute to a healthy democracy.
Québec Premier Francois Legault, left, exchanges hockey jerseys with Ontario Premier Doug Ford at Queens Park, in Toronto on Nov. 19, 2018. Ford’s recent cuts to francophone services in Ontario haven’t spawned nearly the media outrage that Québec language moves have. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)

The English-Canadian media’s selective outrage on bilingualism

To read English-Canadian media, you would think that Québec’s anglophones are under greater threat than the rest of the country’s minority language communities. Why the selective outrage?
Research shows that some mindfulness-based interventions for psychotic symptoms can offer people insight into their experiences, and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. (Shutterstock)

How meditation can help sufferers of schizophrenia

Anti-psychotic drugs work well for only about 30 per cent of schizophrenia patients. Meditation can offer them a route to self-acceptance and reduced anxiety.
The leaders of the 18 Asia-Pacific economies pose for a family photo in Vancouver in 1997. Indonesia’s Suharto is sixth from the left. Protests against human rights violations were kept hidden from Suharto during the summit. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

When Canada did – and didn’t – stand up for human rights

Canada’s clashes with Indonesia in the 1990s over human rights abuses contain lessons for the current Canadian-Saudi Arabian diplomatic dispute.
The son of a cognac maker, Jean Monnet became a champion of a unified Europe after finding inspiration for a harmonious federalist model in Canada. Fondation Jean Monnet

How Canada inspired the Frenchman who helped unite Europe

In the early 1900s, young Frenchman Jean Monnet travelled Canada and was inspired by its unique form of federalism. It helped fuel his interest in a unified Europe and a transatlantic community.


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