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California Polytechnic State University

Cal Poly is a nationally ranked, four-year, comprehensive public university located in San Luis Obispo, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles on California’s Central Coast. It is a distinctive learning community offering academically focused students a hands-on educational experience that prepares them for today’s scientific and technical world.


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L’horloge épigénétique est une nouvelle technologie fascinante, mais certaines applications possibles sont controversées. Pixabay/Stefan Keller)

Un nouveau test d’ADN se révèle prometteur, mais délicat sur le plan éthique

Les horloges épigénétiques peuvent évaluer avec précision l'âge biologique. Mais les applications possibles dans les domaines de la vie privée et de l'immigration soulèvent des questions éthiques.
Epigenetic clocks are a fascinating new technology, but some potential applications are controversial. (Pixabay/Stefan Keller)

New DNA test that reveals a child’s true age has promise, but ethical pitfalls

Pediatric epigenetic clocks have the potential to accurately assess biological age. However, possible applications in law enforcement and immigration raise ethical issues.
Debris left behind after a tornado strike on Jefferson City, Missouri, May 23, 2019. AP Photo/Summer Ballentine

Millions of burnt trees and rusted cars: Post-disaster cleanup is expensive, time-consuming and wasteful

Government agencies have detailed plans for responding to disasters, but one piece doesn't get enough attention: cleaning up the mess that's left behind.
Incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-Va., won reelection. AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

Why the Democrats won’t win the House in 2018

State legislators in 18 states are intentionally drawing congressional boundaries to favor their party, according to experts who ran thousands of simulations using open-source mapping software.
Native ad publishers such as Taboola use attention-seeking photos to attract readers. Patrick Howe

Recommended for you? Don’t bet on it: the ‘native’ ad invasion

In the endless drive to get people’s attention, advertising is going ‘native’, creeping in to places formerly reserved for editorial content. In this Native Advertising series we find out what it looks…


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