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Center for Detention Studies

Center for Detention Studies (CDS) is a non-profit organization established in Jakarta, February 19th 2009. It comprised of a group of human rights activists and academics within the context of concern on prison reform in Indonesia. Through its program and activities, CDS is expected to encourage the improvement of correctional institution to more protect, to fulfill, and to respect the rights of person deprived of liberty.

On 2011 CDS together with Ministry of Law and Human Rights signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) about Monitoring The Fulfillment of Prisoners and Detainees Rights in correctional and pre-trial facilities. Furthermore, since its established until today, CDS has conducted some researchs/studies regarding with correctional system. The findings and outputs of studies are disseminated through policy regulations, books, and research instrument.

The CDS team consists of people with various educational background and expertise on human rights, gender, criminology, legal, economy, psychology and good governance. CDS respects the value of gender equality and sexual minority in the team composition.



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