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Health-care workers protest over stalled contract negotiations with the provincial government in Montréal in October 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson

Workers, not warriors: 4 lessons from health worker protests during COVID-19 that could help avert a looming workforce crisis

To prevent a shortage of health workers, public expressions of appreciation need to be backed by policies that provide dignity, decent working conditions, accountability and appropriate remuneration.
Building solar panels over water sources is one way to both provide power and reduce evaporation in drought-troubled regions. Robin Raj, Citizen Group & Solar Aquagrid

These energy innovations could transform how we mitigate climate change, and save money in the process – 5 essential reads

From pulling carbon dioxide out of the air to turning water into fuel, innovators are developing new technologies and pairing existing ones to help slow global warming.
En 2013, la fermeture du site sidérurgique de Florange en Moselle, pourtant rentable, avait conduit au licenciement de plus de 600 salariés. Jean-Christophe Verhaegen / AFP

Huit ans après, le bilan mitigé de la loi Florange

La réglementation visant à limiter les délocalisations en généralisant les droits de vote doubles n’a pas eu l’effet escompté sur l’actionnariat de long terme.
The U.S. had seven operating offshore wind turbines with 42 megawatts of capacity in 2021. The Biden administration’s goal is 30,000 megawatts by 2030. AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Offshore wind farms could help capture carbon from air and store it long-term – using energy that would otherwise go to waste

Wind turbines often can produce more power than is needed for electricity onshore. That extra energy could be put to work capturing and storing carbon.
Fotograma del videoclip ‘Los abrazos prohibidos’, de Vetusta Morla. Vetusta Morla

Las canciones de la pandemia: metáforas y emociones

El aislamiento, la pandemia, tienen una banda sonora compuesta por canciones del pasado y composiciones hechas para la ocasión. ¿Qué dicen esas canciones, esas letras?
Jake Angeli (QAnon Shaman) durante los disturbios proTrump el 6 de enero de 2021 en el Capitolio (Washington, D.C.). Shutterstock / Johnny Silvercloud

¿Es la democracia el chivo expiatorio de la pandemia?

El descontento de los ciudadanos sobre la gestión de la crisis sanitaria y económica durante la pandemia se traduce también en una insatisfacción con el funcionamiento de la democracia.
After taking a pandemic-induced hiatus in 2020, Lollapalooza returned to Chicago in summer 2021. Michael Hickey/Getty Images

What’s behind the magic of live music?

Some concertgoers reported being so moved by their first concerts in nearly two years that they wept with joy – a testament to the power of this unique form of human communion and connection.
Rising global temperatures are increasing heat risks for outdoor workers and the urban poor. Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP via Getty Images

Dangerous urban heat exposure has tripled since the 1980s, with the poor most at risk

Hot, humid population centers are becoming epicenters of heat risk as climate changes worsens. It’s calling into question the conventional wisdom that urbanization uniformly reduces poverty.


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