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East Carolina University

East Carolina University, or ECU as it’s best known, offers more than 85 bachelor’s, 72 master’s and 19 doctoral degrees to nearly 29,000 students on its Greenville, North Carolina, campus and through an acclaimed online learning program. The university’s school of medicine is recognized nationally for producing primary care physicians, cardiovascular research, advanced robotic surgery as well as obesity and diabetes breakthroughs. ECU also boasts the largest business school enrollment and largest number of new nurses and education professionals produced by a four-year North Carolina university, in addition to the largest studio art program in the state.

Located near Atlantic coast harbors where pirates once roamed, ECU adopted the “Pirates” mascot in 1934 for its athletics program and competes in NCAA Division 1. The university has a globally recognized academic underwater archaeology program and enjoys a supportive relationship with the U.S. military services.


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Nous avons à notre disposition davantage de médicaments antibactériens qu’antiviraux. Shutterstock

Pourquoi avons-nous moins de médicaments pour lutter contre les virus que contre les bactéries ?

Trouver des médicaments qui traitent le coronavirus Covid-19 pourrait s’avérer tout aussi important que de développer un vaccin. Mais il est difficile de créer des antiviraux efficaces.
Robert Rodríguez, agente de la Patrulla Fronteriza, en su labor en el Valle del Río Grande. Reuters/Loren Elliott

Una noche de patrulla en la frontera entre EEUU y México

En el Valle del Río Grande de Texas, los agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza ignoran el calor y los vientos fuertes. Su labor es simple: detener a terroristas, a migrantes o a narcotraficantes
Border Patrol agent Robert Rodriguez, working in the Rio Grande Valley REUTERS/Loren Elliott

A night enforcing immigration laws on the US-Mexico border

In Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley, Border Patrol agents must ignore blistering heat and 25 mile-an-hour winds. Their job is simple: Catch terrorists, people without papers or those carrying drugs.


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