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Flinders University

With a vision to be internationally recognised as a world leader in research, an innovator in contemporary education, and the source of Australia’s most enterprising graduates, Flinders University aspires to create a culture that supports students and staff to succeed, to foster research excellence that builds better communities, to inspire education that produces original thinkers, and to promote meaningful engagement that enhances our environment, economy and society. Established in 1966, Flinders now caters to more than 26,000 students and respectfully operates on the lands of 17 Aboriginal nations, with a footprint stretching from Adelaide and regional South Australia through Central Australia to the Top End.


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Micro-drilling sediment blocks to extract powder for genetic analysis.

Digging deep: DNA molecules in ancient dirt offer a treasure trove of clues to our past

Genetic analysis of intact blocks of sediment from archaeological sites reveals that microscopic fragments of fossil bone and faeces are the main sources of ancient DNA.

2 out of 3 members of university governing bodies have no professional expertise in the sector. There’s the making of a crisis

Universities supposedly have adopted a more corporate approach – but most corporate board members have expertise in the area their company operates in and are more accountable to shareholders.
Steven Benjamin/A ne pas ré-utiliser

La spectaculaire « course des sardines » de l'Afrique du Sud entraîne les poissons dans un piège écologique

Attirées par la remontée des eaux froides de l’océan indien, les sardines de l’Afrique du Sud restent piégées dans ces mêmes eaux une fois qu’elles redeviennent chaudes.


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