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The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is a world leader in biomedical research, pioneering study into some of the most widespread diseases affecting our community today. Research at Garvan is focused on understanding the role of genes in health and disease as the basis for developing future cures.


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Evidence suggests that up to 30% of people who are obese are perfectly healthy. Rudd Centre for Food Policy

Appearance vs. reality: the perfectly healthy obese

No one can claim to be unaware of the risks of obesity in this day and age. Almost every day there are discussions in the media about the risks of carrying excess fat. But research shows the link between…
Shutting down research during National Science Week is a little jarring. same indifference/Flickr

Chopping forest research: does NSW Government care about science?

You really have to wonder what kind of message the New South Wales Government is trying to send about its attitude to science. Was the announcement of funding cuts to research during Science Week just…

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