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Joshua Wong (left), Alex Chow (centre) and Nathan Law (right) speak to the press outside the Court of Final Appeal after the first hearing in their bid to appeal their jail sentences in Hong Kong on November 7, 2017. ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP

How Hong Kong Umbrella movement was crushed and pro-democracy activists gradually silenced

In Hong Kong, challenges for the new generation of activists are not how to mobilise mass protests, but how to wrestle with the state’s innovative strategy to manage society.
Beijing International Book Fair, August 2017. The international community was outraged when Cambridge University Press (CUP) temporarily agreed to withdraw some of its publications, as the Chinese government demanded. Greg Baker/AFP

China: zero tolerance for academic freedom

As the Communist Party gathers, Xi’s harsh control strategies have already hit universities and academic freedom, way beyond Chinese borders.
Foire internationale du livre, Beijing, août 2017. La communauté internationale a crié au scandale quand les CUP ont accepté temporairement de retirer des publications à la demande du gouvernement chinois. Greg Baker/AFP

Chine : tolérance zéro pour la liberté académique

La stratégie visant à contrôler l’université ne s’applique pas qu’aux établissements chinois, mais se diffuse désormais par-delà ses frontières.
Protestants hold a Sunday service in the open air in Jakarta. Their efforts to erect their own church buildings have been blocked by hardline Muslim groups. Cherian George

The curious power of hate propaganda in open societies

Truth’s victory over hate propaganda is neither automatic nor preordained. It requires a commitment to equal rights and norms of tolerance.


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