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Ikerbasque Foundation

In 2007 The Basque Government created Ikerbasque to reinforce the Basque scientific system through the attraction, recovery and retention of researchers from all around the word. Nowadays, the Basque Foundation for Science is a consolidated organization with 268 researchers from 37 different countries, from all fields of knowledge and with a firm commitment to the hiring of female researchers, as well as to promoting the return of Basque researchers who are currently working outside of the Basque Country.

Our researchers develop their work in the different universities and research centers of the Basque Country. It is all about our allies, those who make it possible for us to achieve our goals and who allow us to see ourselves as an organization unrestricted by our physical boundaries.

Since Ikerbasque’s creation, we have sought to be a stable yet motivating platform from which scientists and scientific institutions in the Basque Country can continue asking themselves new questions and contributing to the challenge of generating new knowledge.


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The environmental footprint of reusable containers may not be as light as we think. Marco Verch/Flickr

Reusable containers aren’t always better for the environment than disposable ones - new research

Reusable containers may have to be reused many times to offset their negative environmental impacts - improving recycling infrastructure could be the answer.


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