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Jacobs University Bremen

Jacobs University is a private English-language residential university, distinguished by its international orientation and highly selective admission based on the candidates’ academic and personal potential. Our goal is to prepare the leaders of tomorrow to responsibly meet global challenges.

We are committed to:

high academic standard and the creation of knowledge transdisciplinary research and teaching ethnic, socio-economic and gender diversity intercultural respect and global citizenship environmental responsibility and sustainable campus practices promoting an entrepreneurial spirit paving the way for careers in the private sector, public service and academia creating a worldwide community of lifelong learners High selectivity and transdisciplinarity Our students are selected in a highly competitive process, and the university attracts exceptional faculty and staff from inside and outside Germany.

For Jacobs University, highest standards in teaching mean strong professor-student interaction, and challenging curricula. Students are encouraged and expected to interact with their instructors and fellow students, discussing material and deepening their understanding of the field while working both independently and in groups. This enables them to push the cutting edge of scientific knowledge. Our transdisciplinary approach is mirrored in all focus areas of our reseach and teaching:

MOBILITY (of people, goods, and information) HEALTH (focus on bioactive substances) DIVERSITY (of modern societies) We acknowledge that these challenges are frequently interconnected and require approaches from multiple scientific disciplines. Therefore, the university combines a high standard in the fields with a strong emphasis on transdisciplinarity. Through the structure of curricula and interdisciplinary courses, students are challenged to look beyond the confines of their chosen major and to work together in research groups that cut across academic fields.


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The power of image. Charles Plattiau/Reuters

The best weapon against terrorists: oblivion

In 2009, communications scholars Esra Özcan, Ognyan Seizov and I wrote an academic paper on the Danish Muhammad cartoon controversy and its aftermath. We concluded that “visuals have to be taken more seriously…
The German switch to green electricity has demanded quick thinking. Martin Capek

Germany’s green power surge has come at a massive cost

Germany is well on its way towards having a predominantly green electricity supply. The transition from nuclear and fossil fuel electricity to using renewables is happening faster than anyone had anticipated…


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