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National Technical University of Athens

Founded in 1837, almost along with the modern Greek state, NTUA is the oldest Technical University in Greece. Under Article 16 of the Greek Constitution and consequent laws, and in accordance with its tradition and structure, the primary institutional component of the NTUA’s mission, effected through the integrated complex of studies and research, is to provide advanced higher education of outstanding quality in science andtechnology.

For this purpose, NTUA operates as a State University with nine Schools, self-administered by the Senate, the Rector, the Vice-Rectors, the School Presidents, representatives of the academic staff and students from every School, as well as representatives from other university bodies.


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Advanced Alzheimer’s disease can be seen on brain scans, but gathering more data could allow for earlier diagnosis and treatment. Shutterstock/Rakstaput

Setting the stage for a better understanding of complex brain disorders

Disorders such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy are difficult to diagnose with only occasional doctor visits. A new approach would allow fathering of extensive real-world data directly from patients.
Abhishek Pawar / Unsplash

Los actuales compromisos de reducción de emisiones podrían ser suficientes, pero hay que cumplirlos

Un reciente estudio sugiere que los objetivos climáticos nacionales actuales podrían bastar para estabilizar el calentamiento global en 1,7-1,8°C en este siglo. Pero hay que acelerar las medidas de mitigación.
Abhishek Pawar / Unsplash

Current emissions targets could keep the planet below a 2°C temperature rise but a turbocharged effort is needed

Study suggests that current national climate commitments could be enough to stabilise global warming within the century. But mitigation action needs to be turbocharged.


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