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Oyster gatherers on a Wild Coast beach at low tide. The sea is integral to these communities’ lives and culture. PaulGregg

South African communities vs Shell: high court victories show that cultural beliefs and practices count in climate cases

Indigenous people’s concerns and considerations could provide a strong basis for climate litigation in South Africa.
The common yellow commelina, one of the popular plants used to treat children. WikiCommons

Medicinal plants help keep children healthy in South Africa: 61 species were recorded

The use of medicinal plants in childhood diseases remains largely undocumented. A study in North West province in South Africa catalogued many of these for the first time.
Un agriculteur de subsistance ramasse du maïs flétri dans sa ferme. Getty Images

Changement climatique et agriculture : les économistes alertent sur la nécessité d'intensifier les efforts d'adaptation en Afrique subsaharienne

Les petits exploitants subissent de plein fouet les effets du changement climatique en Afrique subsaharienne. Il faut des mesures volontaristes pour soutenir et stimuler la production agricole,
The building blocks of the Giza pyramids contain trillions of fossilised remains of an ocean-dwelling organism called foraminifera. Sui Xiankai/Xinhua via Getty Images

Four ways that fossils are part of everyday life

Fossils aren’t just pieces of the past that allow scientists to look backwards. They can play a role in modern policy decision-making, too.


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