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Oregon Health & Science University

Oregon Health & Science University is Oregon’s only academic health center and is nationally distinguished as a research university dedicated solely to advancing health sciences. This allows us to focus on discoveries to prevent and cure disease, on education that prepares the health care and health science professionals of the future, and on patient care that incorporates the latest advances.


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La myocardite est une inflammation du muscle cardiaque habituellement provoquée par un virus. Shutterstock

Covid-19 et myocardite : le virus est plus dangereux que le vaccin

La myocardite consécutive à la vaccination contre la Covid-19 est rare, et les conséquences peu graves. Le risque de lésions cardiaques plus lourdes est tout autre en cas d'infection au Covid-19.
La relation entre le coronavirus et la génétique humaine demeure obscure. fatido/E+ via Getty Images

Covid-19 : la réaction de notre corps dépendrait de nos gènes – et on commence à comprendre lesquels sont impliqués

Des chercheurs ont découvert que des variations dans les gènes qui codent certaines parties du système d'alarme cellulaire pourraient jouer un rôle dans la manière dont les gens combattent la Covid-19
The relationship between the coronavirus and human genetics is murky. fatido/E+ via Getty Images

Your genes could determine whether the coronavirus puts you in the hospital – and we’re starting to unravel which ones matter

Researchers from Oregon Health and Science University found that variations in genes that code for parts of the cellular alarm system might play a role in how well people fight off COVID-19.
Essential workers expose themselves to the coronavirus every day. zoranm/Getty Images

Lead with empathy during the COVID-19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is a stressful time for everyone. Here are some ways employers can help their employees through this crisis.
By In The Light Photography/

What’s in your genome? Parents-to-be want to know

We now have the capacity to quickly and cheaply sequence an individual’s genome and scour it for disease-causing genes. But how much, and what type, of information does a parent-to-be want to know?


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