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Rio de Janeiro State University

Rio de Janeiro State University (known as UERJ) was established in 1950 and has grown and established itself as one of the main higher education institutions in Brazil. Its importance in the national and international academic scene can be proved by the quality of its upper education, its scientifi c research, besides hundreds of extension projects related to the promotion of culture.

In 60 years of existence, UERJ has provided to many generations of students disciplinary and technical content, including a fertile ambience to refl ection. Our professors are committed to the professional and intelectual development of our students, also enhancing their humanistic formation.

Several areas of knowledge are covered by 97 undergraduate courses, 346 research groups, almost 500 extension projects and artisticcultural activities, which put together teachers, administrative workers, students and the neighborhood community.

Those and other activities are based in basic democratic principles of ethic, justice and equality. The concern with the social responsability has made the University a precursor in the introduction of services, programs and politics which look forward to the reduction of social inequality. UERJ has a commitment to the production of knowledge for the society’s welfare. Besides being located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, well known as one of the most beautiful cities of the world.