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Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) is the nation’s federal health professions academy — akin to the undergraduate programs of the U.S. military academies at West Point, Annapolis and Colorado Springs. And like the academies, students are not charged tuition; they repay the nation for their education through service. In many respects, USU’s curricula and educational experiences are similar to those of civilian academic health centers, with one important difference: its emphasis on military health care, leadership, readiness and public health set USU apart.


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A cirurgia de catarata remove o cristalino embaçado do olho e o substitui por um cristalino novo e transparente: tecnologia das lentes avançou, mas opções multifocais ainda são caras e resultados podem incomodar alguns pacientes. Ivan-balvan/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Vai fazer uma cirurgia de catarata? Veja aqui tudo que você precisa saber

Normalmente, as cirurgias de catarata são indolores e restauram significativamente a visão
Journalists covering scientific research during the COVID-19 pandemic increased their reliance on preprints. (Shutterstock)

Journalists reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic relied on research that had yet to be peer reviewed

Preprints are often free to use, making them more accessible for journalists to report on. However, as they have yet to undergo peer review, science journalists take a gamble on their accuracy.
The nonprofit International Community Health Services medical clinic in Seattle provides care for uninsured people. Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images

Abused children and partners, people with mental illness are all especially vulnerable with stay-at-home orders from coronavirus

Different groups in society can suffer from social distancing practices. That includes higher risk of domestic violence, child abuse and mental health problems.


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