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The Kony campaign is not as accessible as it makes out. BellaSalsaa

Kony 2012 and the case of the invisible media

Much has been said about Invisible Children’s video campaign to rally awareness towards the atrocities of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. But more important is what Kony 2012 means in our ongoing relationship…
Maori academics in New Zealand should be wary of talking to the non-Maori media. Flickr/geoftheref

Academic bashing in the media – a first-hand account

Maybe it’s the lot of academics to be misrepresented, but when a single incident can nearly get you sacked it makes you reconsider whether to deal with the media at all. Last year, comments of mine about…
Ever had the sense someone’s watching over your shoulder? Nick Chill Photography

Carrier IQ knows everything you do on your phone … but why?

What if you used your smartphone, knowing you might be sharing certain information, but had no idea what exactly was being shared? Or why you might be sharing it? If you knew someone could be recording…
Have the #occupy protestors been gagged? AFP/Timothy A. Clary

Did Twitter censor Occupy Wall Street?

In the age of social media, if we’re able to get online, engage with a few tools and connect our ideas to others who sympathise, we’re able to initiate social change. Or that’s the theory. The world begins…
Should we be acting on lessons from the Christchurch earthquake? Martin Hunter/AAPIMAGE

Reinforce your buildings, Australia, or see them crumble

February’s events in Christchurch brought people’s attention to the patently obvious: that old brick buildings collapse in large earthquakes. There is no shortage of past lessons regarding this fact…

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