University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is an internationally recognised, research-intensive university with a strong tradition of excellence in teaching, research and community engagement spanning more than 160 years.

Its outstanding performance in international rankings puts the University of Melbourne at the forefront of higher education globally. It is ranked number 1 in Australia by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 28th worldwide. Melbourne’s position as Australia’s top University has also been reaffirmed in the 2013 Shanghai Jiao Tong rankings, in which it has moved up three places from last year, to equal 54th in the world and third in the Asia-Pacific.

The University is uniquely located on the fringe of the city of Melbourne’s central business district. It serves as a hub for the Parkville research precinct – one of the world’s leading centres of medical and biotechnological research – and is a vital part of surrounding neighbourhoods such as cosmopolitan Carlton.

About 50,000 of the best and brightest students from around the globe come to study at the University of Melbourne.


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Any health practitioner can be the first port of call for a patient. AAP

A cure for our chronic lack of healthcare choice

“When people get sick or injured or want advice about their health, they want to see a doctor,” Dr Andrew Pesce, AMA President. Patients may want to see a doctor but they don’t necessarily want to join…
Farmers are fired up, but it’s not as bad as they think. AAP

Murray Darling Basin can feed the nation if we just get it right

Reports of the death of the Murray Darling Basin food bowl are grossly exaggerated, to borrow a phrase from Mark Twain. Farmers have been up in arms about plans to give more water to the environment, but…
The budget doesn’t address all of COAG’s key health priorities. AAP

A tale of two budgets – but only one will be heard today

The Federal Government has a strong tale to tell about the main health initiatives announced in last night’s budget. But there’s another, untold part of the story that belongs to the bigger narrative of…
Does the budget lessen or deepen the male-female divide?

Tax, women and the Henry Review

The Budget: What does it have to do with tax reform? This year’s budget claims to “progress the government’s tax reform agenda, improving fairness and integrity in the tax system”. Does it? The short answer…
Key debate to sharing the boom is taxing of economic rent on resources. AAP

Sharing the benefits of the boom

The Commonwealth and state governments share a portion of the revenue windfalls of a mining boom through income taxation and royalties. However, both the current arrangements, and proposed changes by the…
Don’t panic: plan for water shortages early. AAP

Better water planning could avoid desalination

Apparently desalination plants are the answer to keeping Australian cities supplied with water. All that is required is to remove enough salt from an unlimited source of water to provide for each city’s…
What problems? Wayne Swan meets British Chancellor George Osborne and Belgium’s Finance Minister Didier Reynders at April’s IMF meeting. AAP

Why Wayne Swan is the envy of the world right now

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan says he is set to deliver a tough budget. Julia Gillard remains committed to bringing government back to surplus by 2013. Budget day is an appropriate moment to ask how the…
Canadian women defend their right to safety, no matter what they wear. flickr/Anton Bielousov

Sex, lies and slutwalking

Skimpy, scanty and suggestive attire have been one of the higher profile issues dividing feminists in recent years. In one camp, feminists of the second-wave, radical ilk have loudly decried the “sexualised…
Invest early for the best employment outcomes. AAP

Four ways to get people back into work

Tonight’s budget will bring major policy announcements directed at improving labour market outcomes for unemployed persons and welfare recipients. In her speech at the Sydney Institute on April 13, Julia…
Competition enables twins like Brad and Chris Scott to forge separate identities.

How twins like the Scott brothers distinguish themselves in battle

Competition between twins hit the headlines this week as, for the first time in AFL history, identical twins Brad and Chris Scott will coach different teams against each other on Saturday. Both twins played…
Employing positive psychology in schools can have lifelong benefits. AAP

Getting the happiness formula right in the classroom

Former Australian of the Year Pat McGorry has campaigned to bring attention to distress suffered by many young people in our increasingly stressful society. Twenty six percent of young Australians experience…
Figures can mislead when it comes to the Melbourne model. flickr/Geoff Penaluna

In defence of the Melbourne Model

The world changes, but our categories fail to keep pace. We try to understand the new through the familiar, and become puzzled when things no longer make sense. Criticisms last week of the Melbourne Model…
Should we really be relying on trees and soil to suck up our emissions? Flickr/Sascha Grant

Don’t bet it all on the carbon farming

Carbon farming - or biosequestration - seems to be the only climate change mitigation measure that both sides of politics can agree on. But its effectiveness may be sorely overstated. Biosequestration…
US forces “eased” bin Laden’s body into the Arabian Sea. AAP

The story behind Osama bin Laden’s watery grave

Osama bin Laden has long been a focus for conspiracy theorists with many claiming that he did not in fact play a role in the 9/11 attacks on the United States. That catastrophe was, so the theory goes…
President Obama announces the death of Osama bin Laden. AAP

Bin Laden’s death no guarantee of Obama second term

History will record that Osama bin Laden was killed by American forces during Barack Obama’s presidency only days after he was forced to release his birth certificate to prove his eligibility in office…
We just shouldn’t put buildings on some flood plains. AAP

Buy backs in a flood-prone land: a game of extremes

It’s inescapable that when it rains a lot, floods occur. These events are largely beyond our control. We have to live with them, rather than live in the hope that we can eliminate them. And by using buy…

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