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A educação de crianças tanto em países de baixa renda como o Sudão do Sul quanto em países desenvolvidos como os EUA já está sendo afetada negativamente pelos extremos das mudanças climáticas. Richard Juilliart/Shutterstock

Escolas fechadas: mudanças climáticas já prejudicam a educação de crianças ao redor do mundo

Ensinar as crianças sobre a crise ambiental pode ajudar a combater as mudanças climáticas, mas as mudanças climáticas já estão afetando negativamente a educação de crianças em todo o mundo
The education of students in countries like Sudan is already being negatively affected by the extremes of climate change. Richard Juilliart/Shutterstock

School’s out: how climate change is already badly affecting children’s education

Teaching children about the environmental crisis can help fight climate change, but climate change is already negatively affecting children’s education around the globe.
A registered nurse treats Dominic Rodriguez for a skin injury related to xylazine use in Philadelphia in May 2023. Treatment vans are allowed in the city, but not supervised injection sites. Matt Rourke/AP Photo

Philadelphia bans supervised injection sites – evidence suggests keeping drug users on the street could do more harm than good

A group of academics look at the global evidence to examine the potential impact of supervised injection sites in Philadelphia and the US.
Manifestation devant les bureaux du premier ministre à Tunis, le 16 février 2023, pour défendre la liberté d’expression et condamner la persécution des journalistes. Fethi Belaid/AFP

En Tunisie, des médias muselés par un pouvoir toujours plus autoritaire

La liberté d’expression, principal acquis de la révolution tunisienne de 2011, est aujourd’hui gravement menacée par le président Kaïs Saïed.
Tunisian journalists protest in front of the Prime Minister’s office in the capital Tunis on February 16, 2023, in defence of freedom of expression and against the persecution of journalists. Fethi Belaid/AFP

For Tunisia’s muzzled media, Arab Spring is now a distant memory

Freedom of expression was the one remaining gain of Tunisia’s 2011 revolution, but it is now severely threatened by a populist president.
Regard au coeur d’un glacier. Auteurs

À l’écoute du chant des glaciers qui fondent

Des chercheurs de l’université d’Oslo ont foré jusqu’au fond du glacier Kongsvegen. Découvrez pourquoi et comment ils écoutent la déstabilisation des glaciers arctiques.
Prisoners and staff share responsibility for taking care of the fish tank at the ‘Little Scandinavia’ housing unit in a Pennsylvania prison. Commonwealth Media Services

A Pennsylvania prison gets a Scandinavian-style makeover – and shows how the US penal system could become more humane

A pilot project at a Pennsylvania prison is trying out lessons from Scandinavia that could offer some ideas for reforming US prisons.
A look into the heart of the glacier.

Listening to the song of melting glaciers

Researchers from the University of Oslo have drilled to the bottom of the Kongsvegen glacier. Find out why and how they are listening to the destabilisation of Arctic glaciers: The MAMMAMIA project.
One of the most popular default colour palettes, rainbow, can actually produce misleading information. (Shutterstock)

How rainbow colour maps can distort data and be misleading

It’s important for scientists to present their data in a accessible and comprehensible manner. However, the colour palettes commonly used to communicate information can also distort and misrepresent it.
Today the shoreline of Lake Malawi is open, not forested the way it was before ancient humans started modifying the landscape. Jessica Thompson

Early humans used fire to permanently change the landscape tens of thousands of years ago in Stone Age Africa

Combining evidence from archaeology, geochronology and paleoenvironmental science, researchers identified how ancient humans by Lake Malawi were the first to substantially modify their environment.
Workers at India’s biggest syringe manufacturer ramp up production in September 2020 in race to meet COVID-19 vaccine-driven demand. Photo by SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP via Getty Images

Why India is banking on health diplomacy to grow African footprint

There are three broad sets of health-related opportunities and benefits that may shape the future of India-Africa relations.


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