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University of São Paulo State

Universidade Estadual Paulista or University of São Paulo State is one of six public universities in the Brazilian State of São Paulo . Founded in 1976 as a result of the unification of higher education individual institutes distributed in various regions of the most important Brazilian state in economic terms, UNESP offers courses in different areas of theoretical and experimental sciences such as Engineering, Health, Communications, Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, among others.


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¿Cuándo tendremos mascarillas más sostenibles?

El uso masivo de mascarillas está generando una fuente de desechos que constituye uno de los mayores problemas ambientales que afronta nuestra sociedad.
Cuba’s Finaly Institute, which is developing three ‘Soberana’ vaccine candidates for COVID-19. Yamil Lage/EPA

Cuba’s push for coronavirus vaccine sovereignty

A transcript of episode 14 of The Conversation Weekly podcast, including how people make their life’s biggest decisions.
Cuba’s Soberana 02 coronavirus vaccine is one of two in phase 3 clinical trials. Ramon Espinosa/EPA

Cuba’s race to make its own coronavirus vaccine – podcast

Plus, a psychologist on how we look back at our big decisions in life. Listen to episode 14 of The Conversation Weekly podcast.


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