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Wheelock College

Lucy Wheelock founded the school in 1888 as a commitment to Boston’s low-income immigrant families, launching the kindergarten movement and early childhood education nationally. While our central mission of improving the lives of children and families is still at the core of all we do, Wheelock’s undergraduate and graduate academic offerings have grown dramatically to include a range of innovative arts and sciences majors, as well as outstanding professional preparation in the fields of education, child life, juvenile justice, and social work.


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Most parents are unaware just how easily available ‘hardcore’ porn has become. Chepko Danil Vitalevich/

Parents need to start talking to their tweens about the risks of porn

While parents are growing more concerned about their children’s easy access to porn, they often don’t realize just how ‘hardcore’ and violent it has become and how early their kids are seeing it.
Children in the U.S. foster care system can languish for years. Pixaby

The hidden harms of the US foster-care system

When a child dies from neglect or maltreatment from parents, outraged observers demand at-risk kids be placed in foster care. But the US foster care system can pose risks for children, too.
Boston 2024 offered a historic opportunity for redevelopment in Boston. Boston 2024

How Boston 2024’s Olympics bid could have been saved

Boston’s bid to host the Olympics in 2024 suffered from misplaced priorities, yet it offered a rare opportunity for large-scale community development.


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