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Yayasan Inobu

Inobu is an Indonesian non-profit research institute established in 2014. Inobu’s collaborative applied research is intended to inform policy and design innovations that leads to the sustainable and equitable production of commodities and use of natural resources. Inobu actively engages government, civil society and communities in the design and dissemination of the results of their research and innovation.

We aspire for an Indonesia where land and seascapes are managed sustainably and benefit the communities that depend on them. Through innovative research, policy analysis, technology and alliance-building, we seek to improve public policies and strengthen civil society to sustainably manage Indonesia’s natural resources and agricultural production systems, throughout the life-cycle of products.

Our applied research products include jurisdictional certification programs and smallholder support programs. We tackle a broad range of Indonesia’s environmental issues: deforestation (caused by development, commodities and social factors), forest fires, climate change/greenhouse gas emissions, and waste, among others. Our projects are carefully tailored to address these issues through comprehensive, holistic sustainable agriculture, fishing, marine livelihoods and waste management.

A major focus of our methodology is partnerships with government, the private sector, civil society and communities. To this end, our solutions and programs are designed and implemented in close collaboration with a broad range of actors through jurisdictional sustainability Working Groups and other platforms, such as the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).


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Pemerintah Indonesia sudah memasukkan program perubahan iklim ke dalam Dana Desa. Harapannya, bisa menurunkan emisi dan angka kemiskinan. j.wootthisak/shutterstock

Dana Desa bisa digunakan untuk proyek perubahan iklim. Ini caranya

Pemerintah Indonesia telah mendistribusikan dana bagi pengembangan desa. Tahun 2019, uang tersebut bisa digunakan untuk program adaptasi dan mitigasi perubahan iklim.


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