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Introducing our new Community Council members

We recently posted some call-outs for new members of our Community Council. As a result, we’re introducing five members to the group:

They join our other Council members:


Peter Fisher
Victoria Metcalf
Peter Christoff
Brad Farrant
John Cook
Christine Nicholls
Rosemary Stanton
Sarah Joseph
Jonti Horner
John Rice
Gavin Moodie
Patrick Stokes
Nial Wheate


Amanda Barnes
Ron Bowden
Georgina Byrne
Suzy Gneist
Sue Ieraci
Edwina Laginestra
Ben Marshall
Susan Nolan
Peter Ormonde

What does the Community Council do?

The Community Council performs three main roles:

  1. Hiding comments that breach community standards from public view, for review by me
  2. Modelling and encouraging great discussions (including reminding people about our standards and nudging people towards them)
  3. Identifying issues in the community, like topics that attract a lot of problematic comments or technical issues, and discussing ways to address those issues.

The Council reports to me and moderates comments with guidance from me. They moderate according to our Community Standards. Members who do not comply with this could face removal from the Community Council.

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in joining the Community Council. We’ll let you know next time we look to add new members. Until then, please join us in welcoming our new members.

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