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Politics podcast: Derryn Hinch on becoming a senator

Politics podcast: Derryn Hinch on becoming a senator.

Incoming Victorian senator Derryn Hinch has the potential to be an ally or an enemy to the government’s agenda. Describing his political philosophy, Hinch says he isn’t in the Senate “just to be opposition”.

“If I was in America I’d be a Democrat. I’m conservative on some issues. Very conservative. And that’s over law-and-order issues and I’ve campaigned on those over the years. If I’m a socialist about anything it’s about medicine and hospitals … Socially I’m fairly lower-case liberal,” he says.

In the early days of the new parliament, Hinch plans to try to lift the restrictions on press in the Senate, where current rules prevent senators from being photographed unless they are speaking on their feet.

“I just think this is wrong, we should streamline it, bring it up-to-date. This is a public house … So those restrictions should be lifted. Standing orders should be changed,” he says.

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