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Politics podcast: In Conversation with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Politics podcast: In Conversation with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

On the cusp of calling the election, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sat down with Michelle Grattan to talk about the budget.

When the discussion turned to political trust, Turnbull said it’s critical to be very upfront about issues, to explain what the problems are, and to explain how you propose to resolve them.

“I think there is a gotcha culture in the media and perhaps in the political discourse overall where, for example, any change in policy is seen as a backflip or an admission of failure.”

Turnbull flagged his interest in electoral funding reform, but warned that there were constitutional hurdles.

“Finding an effective level playing field is a challenging one and I’m sure it’s one parliament will return to after the election,” he said.

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