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Michelle Grattan

Politics with Michelle Grattan: On Scott Morrison’s battle for Religious Discrimination Bill

Word from The Hill: On Scott Morrison’s battle for Religious Discrimination Bill.

As well as her interviews with politicians and experts, Politics with Michelle Grattan now includes “Word from The Hill”, where she discusses the news with members of The Conversation politics team.

This week Michelle and politics editor Amanda Dunn discuss the imbroglio over Scott Morrison’s religious discrimination bill, approved by the Coalition on Tuesday after extensive debate but with dissidents potentially threatening its fate in the House of Representatives.

Moderate Liberal MPs have serious concerns: Bridget Archer, who holds the marginal Tasmanian seat of Bass, told Parliament she would not vote for the bill, while Trent Zimmerman, from NSW, in the party room reserved his right not to do so. Meanwhile, Labor has yet to decide its attitude – if it supports the legislation that would ensure its passage.

Amanda and Michelle also canvass Tuesday’s parliamentary apology to victims of bad behaviour in the parliamentary workplace – with Morrison saying “sorry” to Brittany Higgins.

Meanwhile in question time the opposition immediately homed in on the aged care crisis, which saw the government this week sending in the defence forces to help out in facilities.

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