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Adéla Kotatkova

Investigadora postdoctoral Margarita Salas (Filología), Universitat Jaume I

Adéla Koťátková holds a degree in Hispanic Studies from the Charles University of Prague, a Master's degree in Language Consultancy and Literary Culture: Applications in the Valencian Context from the University of Valencia (UV), another Master's degree in Secondary Education Teaching (Catalan Language and Literature) also from the UV and an international Ph.D. degree in Applied Languages, Literature and Translation from the Jaume I University (UJI) with the thesis "El relat en l'àmbit sanitari: els casos clínics sobre afeccions mentals", directed by Vicent Salvador and Manuel Pérez Saldanya (

She has worked as a predoctoral and postdoctoral researcher at the UJI and as a Catalan and Czech Linguistic Technician at the Languages Service at the UV. She is currently a Margarita Salas (Next Generation EU) postdoctoral researcher in the Department of European Philology and Culture (UJI) and a visiting researcher in the Department of Catalan Philology (UV). She is also a member of the López Piñero Interuniversity Research Institute. Her areas of interest are Discourse Analysis in Healthcare Communication, Applied Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Catalan Studies.


  • 2022–present
    Investigadora Postdoctoral Margarita Salas , Universitat Jaume I


    Universitat Jaume I, Doctorado en Lenguas Aplicadas, Literatura y Traducción
    Universitat de València , Máster en Profesor/a de Educación Secundaria
    Universitat de València , Máster en Asesoramiento Lingüístico y Cultura Literaria
    Univerzita Karlova, Filología Hispánica

Research Areas

  • Discourse And Pragmatics (200403)
  • Language In Culture And Society (Sociolinguistics) (200405)
  • Linguistics (2004)
  • Applied Linguistics And Educational Linguistics (200401)