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Universitat Jaume I has consolidated itself as a dynamic and enterprising university. There are currently 28 degree and diploma courses available to about 13 500 students. These figures allow the University to offer its students personalised attention and to remain free of the problems of overcrowding so often suffered by other universities.


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With the likes of Pablo Iglesias and Ada Colau coming to power in Spain, we are witnessing the rise of the ‘post-representatives’. Barcelona En Comú/flickr

How the Spanish political laboratory is reconfiguring democracy

Spain has been transformed into a democratic laboratory, where the participation and use of new communication strategies are ready for experimentation and innovation.
15-M started in Spain, but it has sparked protests around the globe. EPA/Jesus Diges

15-M back on Spain’s streets as protest goes global

This weekend Spain will see the return of its “revolution”. Those involved in the 15-M movement will once again take to the streets en masse to demand urgent reforms. Under the motto “united for a global…

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