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Aleardo Zanghellini

Aleardo Zanghellini is Professor of Law and Social Theory at Reading Law School. His work is interdisciplinary in nature and regularly appears in leading international journals. Much of it is in the field of law and sexuality, but he also interrogates general concepts and principles of political morality that are of interest to political philosophers and public lawyers. His 2015 book, The Sexual Constitution of Political Authority, is an analysis of the erotic dimensions of state power. It argues that the disavowal of male same-sex desire has been, and partly remains, central to mainstream understandings of political authority.

Aleardo is also a writer of fiction. His first novel, The Spellbinders, will be published by Lethe Press in the summer of 2018. It retells the story of Edward II and his love for Piers Gaveston and Hugh Despenser.


  • 2014–2018
    Professor of Law & Social Theory, University of Reading